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How to mine ethyxcoin

Start the ethyxcoin

Go to ethyxcoin src folder

cd ethyxcoin/src

Start server


Create a new ethyxcoin address:

./ethyxcoin-cli getnewaddress username

List the ethyxcoin transactions for a user 

./ethyxcoin-cli listtransactions username

Get info

./ethyxcoin-cli getinfo

Generate 1 Block Hash

./ethyxcoin-cli generate 1

Retrieve LTC balance

./ethyxcoin-cli getbalance username

How to send LTC using the CLI:

./ethyxcoin-cli sendfrom exampleusername1 ltcaddress amountinltc

Get the details for a particular LTC transaction including the amount, the fee, time received, whether it was sent or received, 

./ethyxcoin-cli gettransaction transactionid

Get the amount received by an address

./ethyxcoin-cli getreceivedbyaddress ltcaddress

Get information about connected nodes

./ethyxcoin-cli getpeerinfo

Export Your Bitcoin Private Key (Get Your Private Key From Bitcoin Core For Backup Purposes)

./ethyxcoin-cli dumpwallet privatekey.txt

Note that if you encrypted your wallet with a password, you will need to unlock it before exporting your private key.                    One way to do it is by typing the following:

./ethyxcoin-cli walletpassphrase "yourpassword" 200

Now that you have entered your password in a shell/command prompt. You will need to clear its history for security purposes. One way you can do that on Linux is by typing

history -c

Get info about a particular block such as the transactions it contains, block height, block size, confirmations:

./ethyxcoin-cli dumpwallet privatekey.txt

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